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Article: The Crazy Lobster at Bergdorf Goodman

The Crazy Lobster at Bergdorf Goodman

The Crazy Lobster at Bergdorf Goodman

On last June 21st, Bergdorf Goodman – the renowned department store in New York – promoted the private event Summer Solstice Swim to introduce some of their new and upcoming brands. Among them was Adriana Degreas, which since late 2016 is featured at Bergdorf swimwear section. The event aimed to introduce the brand as a “new name to keep up with” and promote interaction between the label and BG shoppers, who had the opportunity to meet Adriana in person and check her newest collection.

The Crazy Lobster, Adriana Degreas’ current collection at Bergdorf, comes from Schiaparelli’s 1937 surreal lobster gown – here, the motif is hand-painted and embroidered in dresses, swimsuits and other pieces, following a red-and-white palette. The collection was first launched in Brazil as a special capsule collection in December 2016, and arrived at BG on May 2017.

Some friends and influencers dropped by to meet Adriana – the models Schynaider Garnero, Amanda Salvato and Fabiana Nunes, the personal shoppers Nana Cunha and Jason Campbell and the jewelry designer Shalini Kasliwal.

The Crazy Lobster collection is also available online at Matches Fashion.